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The Femoral Approach To Valve Replacement

Traditionally aortic valve replacement has been done via sternotomy on cardiopulmonary bypass.


The Heart Valve Clinic At The Heart Hospital Of Austin

The Heart Valve Clinic at the Heart Hospital of Austin is a multidisciplinary clinic, where patients with various valve conditions in the heart can come for a thorough, very comprehensive evaluation for multiple professional specialists.


Congestive Heart Failure & Atrial Fibrillation

A patient population that has been underserved in the United States are those patients that have congestive heart failure.

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Breastfeeding With The Flu?

The flu season is in full swing and it’s not slowing down. Many of us do everything we can to keep from getting the flu. But, unfortunately sometimes that nasty little flu bug makes its way ...
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Super Foods Promote Increased Health and Wellness

(by Dr. Paul Tucker, II) Dr. Paul A. Tucker, II, is an interventional cardiologist with Texas Heart and Vascular who frequently holds community seminars to educate people in Austin about ways to ...
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